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Using the Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2021 - Review

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge brought the all new glass design and beautiful big display, thrusting Samsung into a new age of premium phones versus the plastic of old. And yet, these are likely the most hated Galaxy phones of all time- how do they hold up 6 years later?

Samsung Galaxy S7 \u0026 S7 Edge in 2021:

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0:00​​​​ - Introduction
0:46 - The Controversial S6
2:49 - Design
7:33 - Camera \u0026 Hardware
11:21 - Conclusion

91Tech : What do you think of the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge? Were they underrated? Was the hate justified due to the removal of so many classic features?
Personally I understand why fans were mad and I think it was a good thing with the S7 bringing a lot of stuff back like expandable storage. In the very least though the S6 Edge is a gorgeous smartphone and it was fun to take a look at it so many years later.

Join the discord! --- https://discord.io/91tech​
Gandek : I remember testing the s6 when it came out in stores and was pleasantly surprised to finally see a Samsung phone perform well and not lag. The UI was also much nicer. Got the S7 next year and that ran really well as well for a while, but the phones still didn’t age too well when it came too software updates and once the battery got degraded the phone felt extremely slow. Still S6 was a good turning point and I could finally recommend Samsung phones for those that liked it’s features and still wanted a phone that performs well enough.

Also had a S8 and S10 and those aged much better
Robert : I love the S6. Still has the IR blaster. I used that thing all the time.
Android Doctor : I've just installed Android 11 on my old Samsung galaxy s6 and it's pretty damn good
권순용 : Loved the S6. Used it until late 2019. It was great, but the battery wasn't too good. The S7 may have been a great upgrade, but I got the S6 since it is lighter and I really liked that blue color.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!

Review of Samsung's 2015 flagship: Galaxy S6!

Samsung Galaxy S6: http://amzn.to/1OEvbaI
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: http://amzn.to/1Fd0sAO

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20

Intro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over

Snazzy Labs : So bummed about the battery life. It's such a shame! Looks like an amazing phone (and dat camera!), but if I can't make it to the end of the day... that's a real issue. I vote slightly thicker, slightly lower-res smartphone, and boom! All day battery.
localblackman : It's crazy how his videos stand the test of time. This video could come out today and still be just as good
Brad Tomlinson : I just picked up the Galaxy S6 this past Saturday, and I am enjoying setting it up and learning about the various functions it has. I had an HTC M7 before this new phone, and I see improvements in this phone I did not expect versus my old smartphone. For instance, I see faster download speeds even though I am in the same places I was in before I got this new phone. I am very happy with it so far.
Aman Vora : Me: why is youtube recommending 4 year old video
Also me: still watching the video
Vladimír Petija : This phone is a legend. Looking at this in 2019 it just reminds me of how far the smartphone game has gone... Pretty wowed by that.

Attempt to cross an abandoned railway bridge in Colombia |S6-E24|

In this episode I am riding past Amagá, in Colombia - a place that used to be an important connection for the trains connecting big cities such as Calí and Medellín, for the transport of coffee and sugarcanes. The era of the railway lines has long past now, and what's left are furniture businesses, using the old railway sleepers to make furniture from, and the old tunnels and bridges for the trains. I try to cross the old line by motorcycle, which results in a hairraising experience!

Gear \u0026 Equipment that I use in this season:

Follow my journey on: WWW.ITCHYBOOTS.COM
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itchybootstravel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itchyboots

#itchyboots #adventure #crf300rally
Beverley MacDonald : The painting on the houses is unique and beautiful. The railway bridge crossing was tough with an audible sigh of relief from Noraly. All those railway tunnels were such an experience. What a super gentleman to give advice for the crossing. Sleeper wood furniture is really beautiful. In South Africa they replaced the original wood sleepers with concrete ones and many railway workers purchased the wood. My dad made stunning tables, cupboards and even clocks from sleeper wood. Sorry about your ordeal by torrential rain, at least you have a positive outlook on what you did enjoy.
Joel R. Dizon : I've really almost nothing more to add to everything everyone has said...but I'm going to comment and like because I really support Noraly for what she's doing--which is basically giving us a regular taste of virtual freedom most of us can only fantasize about. Thanks Noraly, WE ALL LOVE YOU!
Berry Van der Lee : To see Colombia like this is stunning. What a views at every corner. An amazing country to visit one time. As a lot of people already said the bridge crossing was amazing also with the view, well done.
Hope that you have time to show us more Colombian “treasures”. I’m following you from almost the beginning, but you keep surprising me in every way. Keep up with the quality video’s and stay safe. Greets from the Netherlands.
Ride of the Valkyrie - Dan Lockhart : The little village of Salento was pretty cool. Lots of color. The rail crossing reminded me of the movie "Stand by Me" except no real threat of any trains. The gorge looked to be about 30 meters, was that about right? Amazing scenery and amazing riding, photography and editing skills. Glad you finally found a place to stay. Thanks, Noraly! :goodvibes:
Steve Neville : I just continue to be hugely impressed; the riding, the filming, the editing and the bright personality, even in adversity.




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