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Systems at Work

Each day the United States Postal Service processes hundreds of millions of pieces of mail and delivers to over 150 million addresses. At the center of this bustling postal network are more than a hundred Processing and Distribution Centers spread across the United States. Follow these letters, catalogs, magazines, and parcels as they make their way through the Postal delivery network.

See the giant screen exhibit in person at the National Postal Museum in Washington DC! Visit the entire Smithsonian online exhibit:

USPS test: We mailed 4 packages with GPS trackers to see how quickly they got there

We count on the United States Postal Service rain or shine. Our postal workers always show up, but we’ve heard from you that — sometimes — getting a package via USPS takes a long time or it doesn’t come at all.\r
With the holiday season fast approaching, we know there’s concern. So, we put the nation's mail service to the test.\r
It started at our studio in St. Petersburg, Florida. We got two medium Priority Mail boxes and two regular brown boxes to send First-Class mail.\r
We loaded them up and added GPS trackers in each. We sent the pricier Priority Mail box and the less expensive First-Class box to our friend, Haley Harrison with First Coast News in Jacksonville. We sent the same to our buddy, Chris Ingalls with KING 5 in Seattle.\r
Farhad Kazemi : Yeah, well, maybe you can track down my package that was coming from China, arrived in Jacksonville and instead of being shipped to Tampa, was shipped to Dunnellon and then just vanished into thin air. That seems to happen a lot more with USPS than any other carrier.
Eye Wincyn : Shouldn’t be mailing electronics with live batteries. Did you all answer the question about that while mailing? Remember that next time you fly commercial that mail rides below where you sit. Hopefully people remember that when they skip past the very important hazardous to fly question.
Deesvintage128 : When attempting to crap on the postal service goes wrong lol. Integrity prevails over this investigation.
Sharpshooter649 : The USPS has been a catastrophe of utmost proportions. Every year I hear horror stories of people who have lost their mail or had it arrived damaged because the USPS is so inefficient
SHARON HUNTER : One of the Tampa postal workers is stealing mail. I had a loaded Vanilla Gift Card someone sent me from Tampa and when it finally arrived, the envelope and the card had been opened and used at one of the grocery stores in Tampa and glued back in the package and envelope. And when it finally arrived after 7 days and many phone calls later the balance was $0 on the card. I called and had them find out where the card was used at. Seems the mail man or mail lady is scamming people out of money like that. I sure hope they catch whoever it is!

USPS helps deliver more than 270 million free COVID-19 tests

USPS helps deliver more than 270 million free COVID-19 tests.
KAP Trucking : UPS would have done it for less money and probably 2x as fast
Gharlic : This administration’s priority’s are completely out of touch with reality.
AnToeKnee : Meanwhile they can’t deliver a package on time or send it to another state before it gets to my door. ‍♂️
TAYLORFAN50 : With USPS delivering they should arrive by December 2022.
Abel Dan Duran : Cool. I shipped a package two years ago that never arrived. USPS is a failure of an organization.




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