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Toyoda FH630SX-i Cutting Demonstration

The FH630SX-i horizontal machining center reduces cycle times with powerful control and cutting capabilities. Learn more about this machine, visit

Toyoda FH630SX-i 5-Axis Machining Center Overview

Experience Toyoda's FH630SX-i 5-axis machine top-level performance in machining medium-sized parts for every industry. This machine performs simultaneous 5-axis machining - achieving complex parts and multi-surface processing all with one set-up.

Toyota History - How Kiichiro Toyoda Started Toyota

Toyota History - How Kiichiro Toyoda Started Toyota

An animation of Toyota History | History of Kiichiro Toyoda | History of Japanese car industry | Toyota during WW II | Toyota from Automatic Loom factory. In this video, we present:
- How Toyota developed from a loom factory
- How Kiichiro Toyoda Started Toyota after visiting US and Europe
- When Toyota survived during and after WWII
- How Toyota competed with Ford and GM car
- and many more

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Image Credits: Wikipedia, Pixapay,
Independent : I had no idea that they were ever unionized and thought that was something mostly American manufacturers used to back and negotiate with management on behalf of the worker. Which usually pitted them against each other and didn't think that was good for anyone. But since management always took advantage of them, it was unfortunately necessary to protect them from the greedy POS
Aadarsh sahani : doing great job man..... keep it up!!
TheKeithvidz : 2022 and aged 90 - I'd know that brand anywhere.
이타르퀸 : Thanks for your great work
Sowmya Agnes : It is an amazing video




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